Amongst Those You Love, or Have Loved,
Whose Life Do You Wish You Knew More About?

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Hello, Brian Vaszily here, author of The Truth About You, and a director here at The Truth About Cancer dedicated to helping Ty Bollinger and the team here achieve our important mission.

Right now I want to let you know there’s something very important you need to do, as soon as possible, that any adult you care about needs to do, too.

The older you and they are, the more important it is.

You’ve likely had passing thoughts about doing this -- or having certain adults you love do it -- and when those thoughts crossed your mind, you’ve felt how important it is.

So I’m here to assure you, it’s even more important than you felt.

Before I get directly to that “something,” bear with me as I share a brief story of my own to help explain...

“I Realized I Would Never Know...

I was just 20 when my father died, after a decade of battling disease. And I knew just enough to know he had led a challenging but fascinating life, filled with some very high highs and low lows.

He was born in Brooklyn, raised for part of his childhood in Hungary, spent his later youth growing up back in the rough Brooklyn neighborhoods, then lived in multiple countries before settling for good back in the U.S.A.

He spoke 14 languages fluently. He loved to read. He nearly became a professional boxer. He loved to tell jokes and make people laugh.

He worked for Intelligence in the U.S. Army, essentially serving as a spy for the U.S. in Germany and elsewhere during World War II. He and a Russian spy fell in love during the war; one day she just “disappeared” and he never heard from or saw her again.

A few years later he did get married; this first wife was killed in an auto accident, and he was driving. When I was just three, his youngest son from his second marriage -- a half-brother I never met -- was hit by a car and killed. He and his third wife, my mother, stayed married for the last 25 years of his life, and though in later years he often wasn’t exactly pleasant to her due to his deteriorating physical health and unresolved emotional issues, he was fiercely committed to and deeply in love with her.

Perhaps not surprisingly -- because of the traumatic events, because of the slow horrible disease that killed him, because he lived in a time when therapy was not commonplace -- he turned increasingly bitter. He became an alcoholic, and a very mean one at that. To his credit he kicked the alcoholism. But not all the bitterness. Still, on his better days until the very end, he loved to joke, and you could see glimmers of the kind and brilliant man he really was that I vaguely recall from my youngest years.

His name was William Victor Vaszily. And he was my father.

I share this with you because, even when I was 20 and he lay there dying and barely able to speak in his final days, I realized I longed to know so much more about him. Then he died. And I realized I would never know.

And as the years have turned to several decades since his death, that longing inside me has only increased.

I share this with you because -- aside from my good and bad memories of my time with him here on this earth, and some details about my mom’s time with him that she has filled in -- this is pretty much all I know of my father’s challenging and fascinating history.

And I dearly, dearly wish that wasn’t so.


Amongst those you care about who are still with us today, whose life stories do YOU wish you knew more about?

Parents, siblings, good friends, other family members?

Whose life stories amongst those you know deserve to be recorded and shared with their loved ones now and in future generations?

For that matter, amongst your family and friends now -- and in future generations -- who may long to hear your life stories? Your personal recollection of the different episodes of your life… your loves… your dreams… your accomplishments… your greatest challenges … your beliefs and accumulated wisdom?

Perhaps you are the humble type and that last question is hard for you, so I’ll tell you the truth… your family now and in the future will most certainly cherish your stories, and more than you can imagine.

Because you already know this is true: the older we get, the more we long to know about the life, thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives of our mothers, fathers, grandparents, and certain other family and friends. (And the more we’d even love to know about more distant relations from the past too, like great-grandparents and before!)

Unfortunately, this longing usually starts to hit the hardest when these important people in our life pass away, and it is too late…

The Very Important Something You Need to Do

Which brings me back to the start…

There is something very important you need to do as soon as possible, and that any adult you care about needs to do, too. The older you and they are, the more important it is.

That something important is to start recording the key stories from your life.

And to encourage whatever other adults you care about that come to mind to do the same.

Because I know I’d break down into tears of joy now to discover even a little more about my father… what his childhood was like, details of what he did during the war, his deepest beliefs about love… anything.

Because I’m sure you can think of one or more people you feel the same about in your life.

Because the end result of recording pieces of your life story, or your entire life story -- and encouraging others adults you care about to do the same -- is really the ULTIMATE gift you can give to family now and in future generations.

Meaningful... Important... Even Therapeutic.

With the importance of all this in mind, I actually set out years ago to make it easy for you to record your life stories and the life stories of those you love.

Because in addition to my own experience with my father, during my years as a professional and personal growth advisor helping thousands of people, I saw the exact same theme repeated over and over…

… Virtually everyone had at least that one person, and usually several, that they dearly wished they could know so much more about.

Many others also realized how meaningful and important -- even therapeutic -- sharing their own life stories with their loved ones could be.

(And everyone loved the idea of future generations, such as great-grandchildren and beyond, enjoying these stories, and wished they had first-hand accounts of their own great-grandparents and beyond!)

So I started to develop the key questions to ask, and the best approach to take, to get those personal stories and perspectives recorded so they could be shared now, and in the future.

Over the years, I’ve honed it down to the simplest and most enjoyable approach to take -- and most importantly, the 400 most powerful and inspiring questions you can choose from to answer -- to get the most fascinating and meaningful version of anyone’s life stories recorded fast...

… And that’s exactly what you are getting today with The Truth About You: The Easy Guide to Record Your Life Story in Video, Audio, or Writing!

About the Author

Brian Vaszily is a recognized expert in the areas of personal and professional growth, and a director at The Truth About Cancer, helping the organization achieve its mission of educating people worldwide on how to best avoid and beat cancer.

He's the author of multiple other books including the #1 bestseller, The 9 Intense Experiences: An Action Plan to Change Your Life Forever (Wiley, 2011).

He's done extensive public speaking, been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS and other major media, and has also performed stand-up comedy, improvisation, and acting (even appearing in a brief solo role in the film Transformers: Dark of the Moon :-) )

He lives with his wife and children in a quiet little town far outside Chicago, where he loves to get lost in his garden.

Not Overwhelming. But Amazing.

The idea of recording your life story – and of making sure those you care about, especially those “getting on in their years,” do so too – tends to appeal to pretty much everyone.

It's an amazing keepsake... a beautiful and perhaps the most important gift anyone could share with friends and family now and in future generations.

However, here's what holds a lot of people back: The notion that recording an entire life story can seem overwhelming.

I just don't have the time...”

Well here's the great news: it doesn't need to be overwhelming at all!

Getting even a few of your life stories and perspectives recorded will make a world of difference, so a key approach in The Truth About You is to take it all in “bite-sized pieces” if you so choose.

Yes, once many people start answering the questions in the book they find it so enjoyable to share their stories that they don't want to stop till completion.

However, The Truth About You enables others to take it “little by little” if they choose, answering one or a couple questions here one day, then a few more another day, and so on. This does add up to the amazing keepsake that your family and future generations will cherish!

(And who among us wouldn't cherish even hearing even some first-hand stories about the lives of our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and so on, such as their childhood, their romances, their personal recollections of historical events and so forth?)

Many books claim to be 'must-reads.' But The Truth About You is a true must-do for anyone with life stories worth sharing and preserving... which of course means everyone. Yes, this book makes a unique and very meaningful gift to anyone you care about. But also consider grabbing a copy for yourself... your family now and in the future will thank you.”

– Ty Bollinger, Co-Founder of The Truth About Cancer

The Only Time is Now

I hope you live, and live well, to at least 109.

And I hope those you love live well at least to 109, too.

However, we all know that for each and all of us, we never know.

That is why the best time, truly the only time, to start doing that something very important – recording the key stories from your life to share, and encouraging those you care about to do the same – is right now.

I dearly wish I was “old and wise enough” to know how true this is when my father died several decades ago. Chances are you feel the same about one or more dearly departed people in your life.

And because the time is right now, I am honored and excited to offer you – as the very first book in TTAC's brand new publishing line -- the ideal guide for doing so right now... The Truth About You: The Easy Guide to Record Your Life Story in Video, Audio, or Writing!

You've likely already realized the book makes a unique and incredibly meaningful gift to give your friends and family. Even if you're the “humble” type, though, I also hope you'll consider getting a copy for yourself and doing it for your family and future generations.

The Truth About You is an 8 ½” x 11” print book with a soft and very durable cover, and a “lay flat” binding which means it easily remains open without you having to hold it down.

Within the 250+ pages is the concise how-to guide, and the 400 powerful questions covering every imaginable facet of life for you to choose from. (Many people also enjoy answering these questions with one another in conversation!) If you choose to write your answers out right in the book – versus audio or video recording, or writing them elsewhere -- there is ample white space provided to do so after each question.

And right now, TTAC has some great opportunities for you to order The Truth About You – including some really amazing offers if you're ordering multiple copies to give as gifts to friends and family!

Sample Questions from The Truth About You

(scroll to see more)

Describe your first childhood sweetheart. How old you were, how did you know him or her, how long you were together, and any special stories the two of you shared."

What were you most afraid of in your youth, such as spiders, dark closets, or getting beat up?"

Did your grandparents have habits or character traits that seemed unusual, amusing, or intimidating to you?"

What was the biggest trouble you ever got into as a young child? As a teenager? What did you do and why, who found out, and what happened?"

Describe the first time and/or worst time you recall having your heart broken by a boy or girl. Who were they and what happened?"

What was a typical evening like at home with your family when you were a young child? Did this change a lot when you became an older child such as in high school?"

Describe when, how and where you first met your spouse. Describe who first approached who, what was said, and other interesting details."

How would you describe your family’s overall character? Were you loud and argumentative, quiet and formal, did you talk about everything, or was a lot held in?"

What members of your family have had cancer? Do you recall the type and outcome?"

What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen on earth? What made it so to you?"

What do think you’ve wasted the most time on that could have been better spent elsewhere?"

What do you miss the most about being young? What don’t you miss about it at all?"

Finally, while this book and the outcome of doing it really are “the ultimate gift” for you and yours, I am also honored that your orders of The Truth About You go toward helping TTAC's noble mission. :-)

1 Year Money Back Guarantee

Don't decide now...Take all the time you need, all you have to do today is get The Truth About You for a full year. I am confident you will be thrilled with this easy and enjoyable way to share and record your personal family history.

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