Introducing Two NEW Life-Saving Pet Cancer Series ...
How to Protect and Heal Your Pet From Cancer
Discover how pet cancer experts and holistic integrative veterinarians are saving animals from cancer with natural cures, therapies and treatments your vet doesn’t even know about…
Hi! Ty Bollinger here. If you’re a pet parent or love someone who is, then here’s some news you need to hear … if you want your pets to live long and healthy lives.

Because the sad truth is... the rate of cancer in pets is exploding.
Just 50 years ago, 1 in 100 dogs got cancer. Today it is a staggering 1 in 1.65 dogs.
On stage filming with Dr. Karen Becker and Rodney Habib
That means two in three dogs will get cancer this year.

Dogs have the highest rates of cancer of any mammal on the planet.

Cats aren’t far behind. About 1 in 3 cats will get cancer. And here’s news that is both shocking and tragic …

According to Dr. Doug Knueven, a leading holistic veterinarian specializing in healing cancer in pets naturally, “We are seeing cancers in younger and younger animals. I had a 6-month-old puppy that came in with mast cell tumors. 6 months old!”

What used to be a disease in our older pets is now unfortunately a disease of the young.

No pet is safe from cancer.

We can truthfully say that cancer in pets is at the epidemic stage right now. And just like with most cancer establishment doctors, the vast majority of vets don’t know about the countless natural therapies and protocols available to heal and prevent pet cancer.
Our Mission to End Cancer Now Includes Your Beloved Pets
When confronted with these shocking pet cancer statistics, we decided here at The Truth About Cancer to expand our mission from eradicating cancer in humans … to include protecting and saving our beloved pets from cancer too.

And thanks to the generous support of so many caring friends like you who have joined the mission to help us save lives, we were able to uncover the hidden truth about pet cancer.

So once again, we sought out the leading cancer experts … animal health specialists … and holistic veterinarians to bring you our newest ground-breaking documentary, The Truth About Cancer: How to Protect and Heal Your Pets.

In our quest to heal our pets, we teamed up with one of the country’s leading animal health specialists and pet cancer experts, Rodney Habib.
CASE STUDY: How Pet Cancer Expert Rodney Habib Healed His Dog Sammie From Cancer
A couple of years ago, Rodney’s beloved dog, Sammie, got cancer. His vet didn’t give Sammie much hope. So Rodney struck out on his own journey to discover how he could cure his dog of cancer.

He actually turned to our documentary, The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest to learn more about cancer. That’s how we met.

Rodney eventually developed his own documentary called The Dog Cancer Series. After interviewing Rodney for our “How To Protect and Heal Your Pets” Series, we decided to join forces to bring you the most authoritative exposé on the truth about pet cancer … the simple steps you can take today to prevent pet cancer … and the natural therapies you can use to heal cancer in your pets.

Together, Rodney and I have interviewed more than 55 leading experts, including some of the top oncologists, cancer specialists and researchers in the fields of pet cancer and pet health.

And we present it all to you in our The Truth About Pet Cancer Platinum Package that combines our 3 DVD series with Rodney’s 4 DVD documentary series (7 DVDs total), along with the complete transcripts of each DVD … and digital access to the full interviews of our experts.

You won’t find this information so conveniently presented to you anywhere else.

And what you’ll learn in The Truth About Pet Cancer Platinum Package may ensure your pet will live a long, healthy and active life -- free from cancer.

Imagine all the extra healthy years you can have with your pets if you just made a few simple lifestyle and environmental changes for your pets … to protect them from getting sick.

Just like Rodney healed his beloved dog, Sammie, from cancer.
Because one of the truths we learned in our documentary is this … of the 12 million new cases of dog and cat cancer that will be diagnosed this year, only 5% have a genetic cause. The remaining 95% are caused by lifestyle and environment factors which can be eliminated.

That’s life-saving information you may never hear from your vet. Here’s more...
What Most Vets Don’t Know
About Pet Cancer
One thing I want to make very clear, we’re not anti-vet.

Vets love animals. It’s why they studied veterinary medicine. And conventional vets are just as worried about the skyrocketing increases in pet cancer rates as we are.

But Dr. Karen Becker, a practicing integrative wellness veterinarian as well as editor of Dr. Joseph Mercola’s Healthy Pets newsletter, reveals what’s taught at vet school.

She says, “Vet schools are reactive. We go to school to learn how to identify symptoms of a disease … and then what drugs to use to treat the symptoms. But we are NOT taught or mentored on how to actually prevent disease from occurring. We’re not taught to be proactive.”

In other words, vets are not taught about the lifestyle and environmental factors that contribute to 95% of the cancers that pets get today. Instead, they’re taught that the vast majority of pet cancers is genetic - which is NOT true.

Thanks to dozens of interviews with cancer and pet health experts, we know that it’s not true.

Rodney and I go even further in our groundbreaking DVD series to reveal how cancer in humans and dogs are the same … and we show you what exactly the underlying root causes of cancer in pets are.

And it has NOTHING to do with genetics.

Plus, we show you how to heal your pet from cancer… and reveal the simple changes you can make immediately to your pet’s environment -- including diet -- that can protect him from this killer disease.
A Vet’s Shocking Secret
And just like human doctors, when vets deliver a cancer diagnosis to you and your pet, they deliver the same course of treatment options a human will hear as well.

Cut it out with surgery, burn it out with radiation … or poison it with chemotherapy.

Sadly, just like in med school, vet schools teach only the cut, burn and poison method to curing cancer.

And as your dog or cat’s suffering gets worse, the vet simply says, “The cancer’s getting worse.”

But that’s not what’s happening. The treatment is painfully killing your pet.

It’s all mainstream vets know how to do. It’s all they were taught in vet school.

So if you want your pet to survive cancer, their healing and care is really in your hands.

And our two DVD series, which includes The Truth About Cancer: How to Heal and Protect Your Pets and Rodney Habib’s Dog Cancer Series, we show you step-by-step how you can save and protect them.
As we’ve shown over and over again at The Truth About Cancer, these toxic therapies prescribed by establishment doctors and vets don’t work to cure and heal cancer.

They don’t work on humans. And they don’t work on your helpless pets either.

Countless natural therapies and protocols do work … and most vets never hear about them.

Fortunately, the truth is slowly trickling out, like it did for a little tuxedo cat named Charlie.
From 30 Days to Live … to 8 Years of Healthy, Active Living
Charlie wasn’t feeling well. So like any responsible parent, his owner Jim took Charlie to the vet. The vet opened up Charlie, closed him up … and told Jim … Charlie had liver cancer.

The vet pronounced … Charlie has only 30 days to live.

Jim and his wife were devastated.

They loved this little cat.

So, they went in search of a different kind of vet to help Charlie -- a holistic vet who used natural, painless treatments.

They found Dr. Marty Goldstein.

Even though Dr. Goldstein was trained at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, he believed in a holistic natural approach to treating pets -- treating the root causes of their illness, not just their symptoms.

In his practice, Dr. Goldstein has had great success treating cancer in pets.

He treated little Charlie with natural therapies -- such as nutraceuticals and herbs.

Thanks to Dr. Goldstein’s holistic approach, Charlie lived eight years more in perfect health.

From only 30 days to eight happy years together.

Imagine … if you could have more active, healthy years with your pet.

What would you do for that kind of happiness?

You’ll meet Dr. Goldstein, Dr. Becker and dozens more pet health experts and discover more of their cancer healing and prevention therapies in The Truth About Pet Cancer: How to Heal and Protect Your Pets 3-DVD Series.

And in a moment. I’m going to tell you how you can get this amazing series, along with Rodney Habib’s groundbreaking 4-DVD set, The Dog Cancer Series.

But first, I want to share with you a billion-dollar scam the Pet Food Industry is forcing on your innocent pets … and countless loving and caring pet parents.
Your Pet is Innocently Eating the Perfect “Cancer-Growth” Diet --
and you unwittingly serve it up everyday!
Dogs and cats were created to eat prey -- fresh, raw food -- the meat, the bones, the organs. Raw food is full of healthy nutrients, protein and live enzymes.

First, animals were wild. Then for centuries, dogs and cats lived on farms where they still hunted for live food. Finally, they were adapted to domestic life, brought indoors and fed dead, cereal-based, toxic kibble.

But digestively, your pet is begging, “hey, where’s the live prey?”
Today, the pet food industry makes billions feeding your pet a steady diet of sugar and carbohydrates.

Rodney says that the average dog’s diet today is up to 70% carbs.

That’s greater than the average, processed American diet.

From there it’s a simple progression …

Carbs turn into sugar in the body.

Too much sugar can damage your cells which can lead to cancer.

And sugar feeds the growth of cancer cells. Just like in humans, nutrition plays a major role in healing and preventing cancer.

And with what the pet food industry offers today, you’re basically feeding your pets the perfect “cancer-growth” diet.
Just What IS Your Pet Eating?
Have you ever wondered what is in your pet’s basic kibble diet? Well, we’ve broken it down for you…
  • First, there’s “protein” from 4-D meats. It’s not pretty. The meat in your pet food is from dead, diseased, dying or disabled cows. I would add a fifth D -- deadly! It’s forbidden to use 4-D toxic meats in human food, so why is it the main protein staple in your pet’s diet?
  • Next, there’s high carbohydrate, high glycemic (sugar) fillers such as … corn, wheat, rice, soybeans, potatoes, lentils and other starches
  • Finally, synthetic vitamins are added, which the body can’t absorb, but it looks good on the packaging
Everything is mixed together, heated at 400 degrees and then forced through a machine to create the pellet we call “dry kibble”.

As a result of the heating process, most of the nutrition is lost and many chemicals are created that cause cancer.

That’s pretty much the standard pet diet. Not very appetizing, never mind flavorful.

Did you know that you won’t see wild animals with cancer and other chronic diseases?

It’s unheard of. But in domestic pets … 2 in 3 dogs will get cancer … 1 in 3 cats. This stark contrast can only be attributed to a raw vs. kibble diet.

So what can you do to improve your pet’s diet … and drastically reduce their risk of cancer?
You Want What’s Best for your “Best Friend”
Here’s the good news. You can make positive and immediate changes in your pet’s lives so you can enjoy a longer time together.

You can help your pets stay healthy and avoid expensive vet bills by discovering how to maintain your pet’s health naturally.

Our two DVD series, The Truth About Cancer: How to Heal and Protect Your Pets … and Rodney Habib’s The Dog Cancer Series are jam-packed with little-known nutritional information and how you can create a healthy, cancer-fighting diet for your pets.

Here are a few highlights:
  • A proven natural therapy that can influence your pet’s genetic predisposition to cancer. May affect 5% of pet cancer cases … but it’s never mentioned in vet school.
  • Does “grazing” hurt your pet? Cats are famous for it. What you need to know for a healthy pet.
  • Not ready to go raw? Here’s four easy ways to feed your pet healthier kibble. You can start by cracking an egg over the kibble … and then do this.
  • The vitamin deficiency that’s a leading cause of cancer and heart disease in pets. Ask your vet for this simple blood test and then add this oil to your pet food.
  • The #1 supplement to give your pet to boost their immunity. Replaces the wild healthy organ meat removed from most pet’s modern diet. Found in any health food store.
  • The top superfoods to feed your pet. Helps keep their bodies healthy so they can heal cancer with their own immune systems.
  • Homeopathy for pets? Absolutely. We show you the three best natural remedies. They help boost immunity, heal the gut, and support the gallbladder and liver. Comes in little pellets you can melt in water.
  • And so much more!
Here’s More Simple Ways to Protect the Health of Your Pets
Improving your pet’s nutrition and diet is just one way you can protect your pets from cancer and give them the long and healthy life they deserve. Here’s another way …

Fill your pet’s water bowl with filtered water, instead of tap. Why?

Tap water contains over 60,000 chemicals. And the federal government put out a study that many of them are known carcinogens.

For many smaller pets, that’s a huge toxic load they’re drinking. Could it be that toxins in our tap water are one of the causes of this pet cancer explosion? We believe so.

So a simple thing you can do today is to switch your pets to clean, filtered water … and protect their little bodies against toxic, cancer-causing tap water.

Here’s even more of what you’ll discover in The Truth About Cancer: How to Protect and Heal Your Pets:
  • The two biggest environmental factors of cancer. It’s the underlying cause of 90% of dog and cat cancer. Why your pet’s are at greater risk than humans, and what you can do about it.
  • The hidden dangers lurking in your home that are slowly destroying your pet’s health. Eliminating these are the first step on your cancer prevention quest.
  • Warning! Is canned dog food healthier? Toxin found that accelerates the growth of breast cancer in female dogs. Don’t be fooled by this labeling trick.
  • This common daily activity increases lymphoma in dogs 70%. What to avoid to save your pet.
  • The shocking cancer statistics for spayed and neutered pets. What you must know before you make this critical decision for your pet.
  • Why heartworm pills don’t work. And the safe, natural therapies to use instead.
  • The essential oil home recipe that works better than cancer-causing flea and tick collars. Simply mix several drops of these three essential oils in two-thirds cup of water. It’s inexpensive, non-toxic and effective.
  • Concerned about pet vaccine safety? Pets receive up to 21 vaccines by the time they’re 16 weeks old. Are all those pet vaccines really necessary? The shocking truth.
  • 99% of pets NEVER need a second rabies vaccine. But the law requires one every three years. Demand this blood test for your pet before you revaccinate.
  • Never ever vaccinate a pet at this age. You could save your precious pet from a future cancer diagnosis.
  • Plus … the only 3 vaccinations your pet needs. Forget the rest. They won’t increase your pet’s immunity and will just make them sick.
  • And so much more!
And on DVD 3 of The Truth About Cancer: How to Heal and Protect Your Pets, we’ll share with you how you can find your own holistic veterinarian practicing in your area.

Now my good friend and pet cancer-fighting partner, Rodney Habib, has also interviewed dozens of holistic vets, specializing in curing cancer in pets.

In his amazing 4-DVD set, The Dog Cancer Series, you’re going to hear more about the mitochondrial damage in cells that can lead to cancer, not only in humans, but in our beloved pets as well.
The Danger of a Broken Cell
When the body’s ability to create energy through normal processes becomes compromised, it can cause a normal cell to transform into a cancer cell.

Numerous studies reveal that this process starts when the mitochondria -- the energy producers in our cells -- become damaged.

But with such a heavy emphasis on genetics as the underlying cause of cancer -- especially in animals -- the metabolic reason for cancer in pets is too often ignored, or worse … dismissed.

And giving your dog or other pet a food that they didn’t evolve to eat ... is going to wreak havoc on their metabolism. Is this another reason for the skyrocketing rates of pet cancer?

You’ll learn more about this little-discussed cancer cause in Chapter 1 and 2 in Rodney’s Dog Cancer Series.

Then in Chapter 3, Rodney unmasks the pet food industry and names names of the worst offenders dumping sugar into your pet’s diet.

You’ll see the shocking amounts for yourself.

Plus, he reveals the hidden substance in your dog food that manufacturers refuse to write on the food bags … but it’s killing your pet.

Do they even care?

And what about food bags marked “grain-free” or “vet-approved”? Are they really healthy? The answer may save the life of your pet.

I believe every pet parent wants to do right by their pet. But they have to have ALL the information to make the best health decisions to feed their pets … raise them in a healthy environment … and be their health champions at the vet’s..

In our pioneering documentaries, Rodney and I reveal how nutrition and other health safety measures can enhance and improve your pet’s quality of life.

And even save your beloved pet from cancer.
How to Heal Your Pet From Cancer
If your pet already has cancer, Rodney reveals the nutritional changes you can make in your pet’s diet to reverse the metabolic damage and starve the cancer to death.
In Chapter 4 of The Dog Cancer Series, you’ll learn about The Ketogenic Diet which lowers sugar in the body.

As a result, the liver breaks down fat into ketones -- an alternative energy source for the body.

Ketosis is a natural metabolic state that occurs anytime we have low glucose (or sugar) in our bodies.

Ketones are poor fuel for cancer cells to use to grow and spread.

So the cancer cells starve.

What’s more, ketones can also enhance mitochondrial health and function over time … protecting your pet against even getting cancer.

In Chapter 5: A New Hope, you’ll hear from holistic vets who have used the Ketogenic Diet on dogs and cats with great success.

They’ve actually seen the cancers disappear.

You’ll also hear about an exciting little-known treatment for pet cancer called “hyperbaric” therapy which in studies have shown to boost the effectiveness of the Ketogenic diet.

When your vet tells you there is nothing more they can do for your sweet pet … that he or she is going to die from cancer, don’t believe it.

I want you to know there is hope.

I want you to remember the words of these visionary vets and pet care specialists who have seen these amazing natural cancer therapies heal …

"Cancer CAN Be Managed..."

It’s not genetics. It’s metabolism. Cancer is a metabolic disease. And therefore it can be managed with metabolic therapies. I’ve seen it. People have seen it. It can happen.”
Dr. Thomas Seyfried

"We're Giving Them A Second Chance At Life"

“Knowing that you can change a dog’s metabolic state profoundly just by altering macronutrients opens up a whole new world on how to approach cancer. I have hope that through this dietary therapy, animals will be given, not only a second chance of life, but a fighting chance against this disease.”
Dr. Karen Becker
Here are Just a Few of the Holistic Vets … Cancer Experts …
and Pet Care Specialists you’ll hear from:
Featured in The Truth About Cancer: How to Heal and Protect Your Pets:
Mike Adams
(The "Health Ranger")
Founder of & Food Scientist

Dr. Karen Becker, DVM
Proactive and Integrative Wellness Veterinarian

Dr. Robert Scott Bell, DA Hom
Author, Lecturer & Syndicated Radio Host

Dr. Jean Dodds, DVM
Founder of HemoPet, Author of Canine Nutrigenomics & AHVMA Board Member
Dr. Martin Goldstein, DVM Renowned Integrative Veterinarian & Author of The Nature of Animal Healing

Dr. Edward Group, DC
Founder and CEO of Global Healing Center

Dr. Joseph Mercola, DO
Founder of, Best-selling Author

Dr. Gary Richter, DVM, MS Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist & Chiropractor
Dr. John Robb, DVM
Respected Veterinarian & Rabies Vaccine Awareness Activist

Dr. Thomas N. Seyfried, PhD Professor of Biology, Boston College

Dr. Marlene Siegel, DVM
Pioneer in Integrative Veterinary Medicine & Author

Dr. Robert J. Silver, DVM, MS Licensed Holistic Veterinarian, Herbalist & Acupuncturist
Featured in The Dog Cancer Series:
Dr. Thomas Seyfried
PhD, Cancer Researcher, Geneticist, Author

Dr. Dominic D'Agostino
PhD, NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations, Crew Member

Dr. Greg Ogilvie
DVM, DACVIM, Professor, Director of Veterinary Oncology

Dr. Erin Bannink
Board-Certified Veterinary Oncologist
Dr. Richard Patton
PhD, Animal Nutritionist, Adjunct Professor at Penn State

Dr. Ian Billinghurst
DVM, BVSc (Hons) BSCAgr Dip Ed

Dave Asprey
New York Times Best-Selling Author

Dr. Tim Spector
Professor of Genetic Epidemiology, Author
Steve Brown
Pet Food Formulator

Dr. Joseph Bartges
Professor of Internal Medicine and Nutrition

Travis Christofferson
Author of "Tripping Over the Truth"

Dr. Alice Villalobos
DVM, DPNAP, Veterinary Medicine & Oncology
Brand-new Breaking Information, You Won’t Find Anywhere Else
Rodney’s and my goal with our documentary series is to be a voice for pets … because they can’t talk.

They can’t choose.

They eat what you give them.

They drink what you give them.

They play with the toys you give them.

They abide by the health decisions you make for them.

Bottom Line: They totally depend on their pet parents for health and life.

That’s you and me.

So we want to show you, that with proper care, your pets can live long and healthy lives -- free from cancer and other harmful diseases.

It’s brand-new breaking information you won’t find anywhere else.

And if your vet is a conventional vet, you won’t hear it from them either.

You’ll only see this stunning gathering of holistic vets, animal health specialists and cancer experts in these two amazing DVD series, The Truth About Cancer: How to Heal and Protect Your Pets and The Dog Cancer Series.
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You can start with the nutritional protocols you’ll find in this go-to resource and timely Platinum Package from The Truth About Cancer and Rodney Habib.

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  • DVD 3: Practical Procedures to Prevent & Treat Pet Cancer
  • Companion Book with the complete transcripts of the DVD Series
  • Rodney Habib’s The Dog Cancer Series: Rethinking the Canine Epidemic
  • DVD 1: Chapter 1 - Cancer 101 and Chapter 2 - The Broken Cell
  • DVD 2: Chapter 3 - The Pet Food Industry's Billion Dollar Problem and Chapter 4 - Dogs & Ketosis
  • DVD 3: Chapter 5 - The New Hope and Chapter 6 - How to Put a Dog into Ketosis
  • DVD 4: Frequently Asked Questions and Tips, Tricks and Hacks
  • Companion Book with the complete transcripts of the DVD Series
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