This Powerful “Anti-Cancer” Vitamin Not Only Boosts Immunity, But Works Like Non-Toxic “Chemotherapy” to Kill Cancer Cells

Sadly, many people are deficient in this natural cancer-fighter... are you?

By Ty Bollinger

You probably know about vitamin C’s ability to fight off disease. It’s legendary against colds and flu.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that boosts immunity … and helps keep the body healthy.

But what you may not know is that it helps protect against cancer too. That’s because vitamin C stimulates white blood cells and protects cells against damage.

That alone makes it a natural anti-cancer fighter, but there’s even more it can do to fight cancer.

Vitamin C is not only critical for our health … but also for our very survival. Sadly, many people are deficient in this vitamin. And especially people with cancer.

Yet getting enough Vitamin C back into your deficient body can work wonders to promote good health … and in some cases eradicate cancer in the body.

Kills Cancer -- without the nausea, hair loss or crippling fatigue

One of the safest and easiest ways to boost your immune system is to take 1,000 mg of vitamin C in a 24-hour period. Don’t take any more … because that’s all your body can absorb in a day.

But if you’ve been recently diagnosed with cancer or have been fighting cancer for a while  -- a new Vitamin C treatment has been shown to be successful at fighting cancer.

Here’s how it works...   

When faced with a cancer diagnosis, the first line of conventional treatment offered by oncologists is usually toxic chemotherapy.

The goal of this therapy is to kill cancer cells. But unfortunately, traditional chemotherapy kills off healthy cells too … and destroys your immune system in the process. As a result, the treatment can leave you feeling far worse than the cancer.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

That’s because exciting new research shows that vitamin C can create the effects of chemotherapy in the body … but without the toxicity to healthy cells or the nauseating side effects of these poisonous chemicals.

It’s one of the biggest reasons why this non-toxic vitamin therapy works so well.

Like Kryptonite to Cancer Cells

It just so happens that vitamin C likes to latch on to iron and other trace minerals in the body. The result is an increase in hydrogen peroxide in the blood.

The hydrogen peroxide generated by this common vitamin is like kryptonite to cancer cells.

The peroxide accumulates inside the cancer tumors and breaks down the cancer’s cellular matrices, one by one, killing off your cancer.

Meanwhile, the hydrogen peroxide leaves your healthy cells alone. Since this vitamin therapy targets only cancer cells, it’s like non-toxic “chemotherapy” for your body.

And the good news is: Unlike chemotherapy, this therapy is safe. It’s natural and it works!

How a 70-Year-old Cancer Patient Lived Another 14 Years Cancer-FREE

One of the first cases I heard when I was researching this amazing vitamin C therapy was of a 70-year-old man with metastatic renal cell carcinoma. The cancer had already spread to his liver and lungs. It was a scary diagnosis.

Doctors didn’t have much hope for him. But one doctor decided to try this relatively new vitamin cancer therapy. The patient began this non-toxic vitamin therapy twice a week. And the results were nothing short of astounding!

Within 15 months, the patient was cancer-free … and he remained so for the next 14 years!

So why aren’t more doctors recommending this non-toxic, all-natural treatment to their patients?

Sadly, most doctors are so busy seeing patients, they don’t have the time to learn about all-natural treatments.

And the big, powerful drug companies can’t make any money off this therapy since they are not allowed to patent a vitamin. So no drug rep is pushing it to doctors.

That’s why, despite the fact that this treatment has cured thousands of cancer patients, your doctor may still not know about it.

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And here’s more good news…

This vitamin C treatment doesn’t just work against cancer. Research shows that keeping your body saturated with this vitamin can help to treat and prevent a wide range of conditions. It works for cardiovascular disease. It works for stroke, hypertension, and diabetes. It even works for Alzheimer’s Disease.

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Yet these natural, alternative, and integrative cancer breakthroughs often remain unknown and unreported. Many are even forbidden by an oppressive cancer lobby that only wants you to know their conventional therapies of poisonous drugs, burning radiation and painful surgery.

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Let me give you another great example of alternative cancer therapies that work … and that you’re not hearing about.

There’s another powerful remedy that’s being hushed up by government agencies and Big Pharma. Yet this all-natural remedy …

Prevents Cancer from Relapsing in 100% of Cancer Survivors

Hidden in the Himalayan mountains is the tiny valley kingdom of Hunza. They’re famous the world over for their long life, good health, and physical and mental stamina.

And shockingly, there has never been a known case of cancer in the entire Hunza valley. Why is this?

Many natural health experts believe it’s because they eat a diet rich in nitrilosides (Nye-tri-loe-sides) which are found in 1,200 edible plants worldwide.

It’s estimated that the typical Hunza diet contains a whopping 200 times the levels of nitrilosides compared to the typical American diet.

Once upon a time, Americans also ate a diet rich in nitrilosides. In fact, millet – a nitriloside-rich grain – was once a staple of the American diet. But no more. Nowadays, we mainly eat wheat and corn-based products, which have little to no nitrilosides.

Over the past 50 years, the average American’s diet has changed from eating a diet rich in nitrilosides to eating processed, high-carb foods loaded with artificial flavors and chemical preservatives – but with ZERO nitrilosides.

Is it any wonder cancer rates have exploded during the same time period?

And here’s an interesting footnote. When people of the Hunza Valley left their kingdom and began eating a western diet, they too developed cancer. It’s like a modern-day Shangri-la story.

Is Cancer a Nutrient-Deficiency Disease?

In 1952, a brilliant biochemist named Earnest Krebs, Jr advanced the groundbreaking theory that cancer is caused by a deficiency of essential nutrients in our diet. He identified this deficiency as … nitrilosides.

Dr. Krebs then developed an all-natural cancer treatment using a form of purified nitriloside which he showed to be toxic to cancer. The results of this therapy are nothing short of miraculous. Take a look…

Cancer cells die off like flies – without harming healthy cells.

Cancer patients given just weeks to live and who began this natural treatment are alive decades later.

Cancer survivors NEVER relapse as long as they continue with this therapy.

And it is said no one taking this purified nitriloside as a cancer preventative has EVER gotten cancer!

Thousands of cancer healings using this nitriloside therapy have been documented over the decades. Its effectiveness and safety for treating multiple forms of cancer is not in doubt.

So why isn’t this safe and effective cancer treatment used by doctors today?

Because this 100% nutritional therapy is NOT approved by the FDA, the American Cancer Society, or the American Medical Association.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of healing, they’ve all labeled this therapy a “fraud.”

In fact, the U.S. government has used every dirty trick to prevent this cure from being used. They’ve confiscated books about it. They’ve revoked the medical licenses of doctors who use it.

They’ve even labeled it as an “illegal drug” like cocaine! It’s just crazy.

Why? Well, who is going to pay $70,000 for a new cancer drug … when you can buy this all-natural cancer treatment for 75 cents? If folks could do that, the gigantic cancer industry would collapse.    

Yet this form of purified nitriloside has worked wonders for thousands of cancer sufferers and those wishing to prevent cancer. And it can do the same for you. That’s why I’ve included this all-natural therapy in my brand-new Special Report, 3 Cancer Protocols You’re Not Hearing About.

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What’s more, these new cancer tests can detect tumors over a million times smaller than the pea-sized tumors that show up on traditional cancer tests, such as a CT scan.

When cancer is detected at this early Stage 0, simple natural cancer therapies, such as detoxing and taking immune-boosting supplements, as well as good health practices may be all you need to get rid of the cancer.

All it takes is a simple blood test … and the cost can be as low as $200. Imagine your peace of mind knowing that you can include regular cancer-screening tests like this in your annual physical.

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