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Episode 1:The Sordid History of the Cancer Cartel: A Century of Suppression & Censorship

Episode 2:Why You Get Cancer: Do You Have "Bad Genes"? Do Vaccines Cause Cancer?

Episode 3:Affordable Treatments, The Anti-Cancer Diet, Healing Herbs & "Defensive Eating

Episode 4:Heal Your Heart & Beat Cancer with Laughter, Music, Homeopathy, Frequency & Light

Episode 5:Cancer-Fighting Plants, Herbs & Spices from God's Pharmacy & Nature’s Medicine Chest

Episode 6:How to Detox, Healing w/ Heat, Hidden Hazards, Halogens & Hormone-Driven Cancer

Episode 7:Juicing Essentials; Ketosis Facts & Fictions; The Importance of Oxygen & Pet Cancer ABC’s

Episode 8:Nature's Liquid Elixirs; Cancer Diagnostics, Oral Health, Essential Oils & Healing Skin Cancer

Episode 9:How to Survive & Thrive; Cancer Conquerors Share Personal Stories of Inspiration & Hope

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